Episode 61: You don’t know what you’re doing.

Let’s get one more of these things going before it’s travel time.


  1. Inspiral Carpets – Causeway
  2. Sad Lovers & Giants – Colourless Dream
  3. Shana Falana – Cool Kids
  4. Coach Party – What’s The Point In Life
  5. Cosmic Psychos – Nice Day To Go To The Pub
  6. The Boo Radleys – Rodney King (Song For Lenny Bruce)
  7. BODEGA – Shiny New Model
  8. Ambulance Ltd. – Swim
  9. Campag Velocet – Only Answers Delay Our Time
  10. Kitchens of Distinction – Drive The Fast
  11. Echo & The Bunnymen – The Cutter
  12. Airiel – Liquid Paper
  13. Smaller – Wasted
  14. Chapel Club – Surfacing

Episode 60 – Three Men Enter, Three Men Leave

The Casual Sound Podcast

The day podcast session started with the ritual of scratch hashbrowns, now featuring bell peppers and onions, eggs Sunnyside up, and a slice of the holy ghost. “Football” on the “Telly” and whackin’ on some of the finest tunes you’ve ever heard – in. your. life. This episode’s lineup includes…


  1. The Lightning Seeds – Pure
  2. The Lightning Seeds – You Showed Me
  3. The Clockworks – The Future Is Not What It Was
  4. Bilk – Hummus and Pitta
  5. She’s In Parties – Ritual
  6. The Brain Jonestown Massacre – Fingertips
  7. Five or Six – Another Reason
  8. The Delgados – 13 Gliding Principles
  9. Death In Vegas – Scorpio Rising
  10. Pastel – Blu
  11. Affleck’s Palace – Big Fish, Small Pond
  12. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Nothing Like
  13. Close Lobsters – Pathetique
  14. High Vis – Walking Wires

Episode 59 – Jake Chats with Ché Walden of Miniatures

The Casual Sound Podcast

Ché Walden of New Zealand band Miniatures joins Jake Ryan for an in-depth discussion about the band and his past, interspersed with an absolute gem of a playlist from Ché himself on this double-length episode. You’ll find it was worth the wait.


  1. M83 – Oceans Niagara
  2. Beach House – American Daughter
  3. Tamaryn – Collection
  4. Barrie – Jersey
  5. Sharon Van Etten – Porta
  6. Pink Industry – Don’t Let Go (12″ Version)
  7. August Eve – You Already Know
  8. Weekend – It’s Alright
  9. Medicine – The Pink
  10. Throwing Muses – Two Step
  11. No Joy – Slug Night
  12. HEALTH – Goth Star
  13. Soccer Mommy – Don’t Ask Me
  14. George Clanton – Punching Down
  15. Caroline Loveglow – On Earth
  16. Caroline Polachek – Blood and Butter
  17. Cocteau Twins – Cico Buff
  18. Toro y Moi – You and I
  19. The Bilinda Butchers – Edo Method
  20. Pinkshinyultrablast – I Catch You Napping

Episode 58: A Fast Times at Ridgemont High Reference

Could it be that not only did Lenny, Tyler, and Greg record an episode, but it’s actually not getting tossed. I know – unheard of… or more literally, heard of. The music on this episode: Sublime. The banter: On Par with Expectations. You: In love with the experience of it all.


  1. Blur – The Narcissist
  2. Noel Gallaher’s High Flying Birds – Council Skies
  3. Johnny Marr – The Right Thing Right
  4. Film School – Meet Around 10
  5. Anorak Patch – Delilah
  6. Coach Party – Everybody Hates Me
  7. Lumer – English Dream
  8. The Chills – Pink Frost
  9. Tindersticks – City Sickness
  10. Darker My Love – Northern Soul
  11. The Black Ryder – To Never Know You

Episode 57: Summer Lovin’

The Casual Sound Podcast

Look out world, Jake Ryan’s got something to play. JR takes you through a beautiful tapestry of baggy, pop, shoegaze, and more in this solo episode. Because that’s what we do here and, like clockwork, you can expect a new episode every quarter or so… or weekly… or once a year…..


  1. Coach Party – Born Leader
  2. Suburban Living – I Don’t Fit In
  3. No Joy – Wrack Attack
  4. Echobelly – Here Comes The Big Rush
  5. Bilk – Be Someone
  6. The Goa Express – Good Luck Charm
  7. Airiel – The Painkillers
  8. Alvvays – Belinda Says
  9. Tallies – When Your Life Is Not Over
  10. Pastel – Deeper Than Holy
  11. Fritz – Ghost Poke
  12. Curve – Frozen
  13. Sulk – Another Man Fades Dawn
  14. Miniatures – What You Want
  15. Doves – The Cedar Room
  16. Last Dinosaurs – Zero
  17. Crushed Beaks – History
  18. Chappaqua Wrestling – Can I Trick?

Episode 56: Thematic Earworms

The Casual Sound Podcast

Tyler decides to get episode 56 out of his and into yours. Dig it!


  1. The Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs
  2. The Boo Radleys – Does This Hurt?
  3. The Asteroid No. 4 – The Admiral’s Address
  4. The Morning After Girls – Who Is They?
  5. Airiel – Thinktank
  6. McCarthy – Red Sleeping Beauty
  7. Love – My Little Red Book
  8. Pulp – My Legendary Girlfriend
  9. Primal Scream – I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have
  10. Confidence Man – Out The Window
  11. Skaters – Criminal
  12. Dallas – Lorsque Tu Dors
  13. Saloon – Song for Hugo
  14. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Senator

Casual Fridays Returns to Pon Pon – Friday, April 28

Come hang out with your Casual Sound crew while we spin all the records we (and hopefully you) love while enjoying a beverage and the beginning of the weekend. Starting this month, Casual Friday will be every 4th Friday at Pon Pon.


What: Casual Fridays
When: Friday, April 28 – 5:00 – 9:00 PM
Where: Pon Pon, 2528 Walnut St, Denver, CO
How (much): FREE
Why: You know why. Don’t make me say it.

Casual Friday all-vinyl britpop, madchester, shoegaze party in Denver, CO

Top Britpop, C86, & Shoegaze Podcasts (2023)

The Casual Sound Podcast

As we look back on the ’90s, it’s impossible not to think about the music that defined the era. Britpop, Shoegaze, and C86 were some of the most significant genres to emerge during this time, with countless iconic bands and songs that continue to resonate with listeners today. But if you’re a fan of these genres, where can you turn to learn more and hear fresh perspectives on the music you love? In this post, we’ve rounded up the top Britpop, Shoegaze, and C86 podcasts to listen to in 2023. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to these genres, these podcasts offer a wealth of insightful analysis, interviews, and discussions that will deepen your appreciation for the music and its lasting impact. So, grab your headphones and get ready to discover some of the most engaging and informative podcasts on these iconic genres.

If you know about a Brit-pop, Shoegaze, New Wave, Madchester, or C86 podcast that should be added to the list, let us know.

Casual Friday – Friday Feb. 24 at Pon Pon (Denver)

The Casual Sound’s Tyler, Jake, and Lenny spin … exactly what you’d expect – Brit-pop, Baggy, Shoegaze, Post-punk, C86, etc. AND we’re doing it early (we know our crowd) so you can get off work, have one with your favorite people while listening to some killer tunes and then be back in time to go to bed, bath and beyond in the morning (if there’s time.)

PON PON is our favorite bar, located at 2528 Walnut St., Denver, CO.

Episode 55: Jakey does the 2023 Skidoo

The Casual Sound Podcast

Yeah…it’s been a minute. Why wait any longer? Lots of shoegaze and, dare I say, pop music curated by your favorite (at least he’s in the top 3 if you not your favorite) host, Jake Ryan


  1. Chappaqua Wrestling – Wayfinding
  2. The Candy Skins – Wembley
  3. Atmos Bloom – Daisy
  4. 90ivy – Shoes On The Dash
  5. The Futureheads – Meantime
  6. Colour TV – Pavlova
  7. Airiel – Cloudburst
  8. Wildhoney – Slow Motion
  9. Crushed Beaks – Sky Burial
  10. Kitchens of Distinction – Railwayed
  11. Tallies – Catapult
  12. Lush – Sweetness and Light
  13. Beach Baby – Ladybird
  14. Last Dinosaurs – Apollo