Episode 11 | The Casual Sound Podcast

In this episode we talk about the magic that was Ride’s show in Denver, how Goth’s can earn our respect and #CasualQuestion: What solo or side project is underrated? 

Also – have you entered to win tickets to see Pixies, Arcade Fire, or Jesus and Mary Chain? Click here

The Candyskins – Somewhere Under London
The Horrors – Machine
Beta Band – Human Being
Pulp – Live Bed Show
Airiel – Flashlight Tag
Weekender – No Time To Waste
5 Billion In Diamonds – Gravity rules
Spires – In Between
Frankie Rose – Red Museum
Ride – Lateral Alice

Episode 10 | The Casual Sound Podcast

In this one, we talk about familiar sounds from unexpected place, ticket giveaways, and we continue the internet sensation #CasualQuestion. Not to mention a pure, solid list of great songs.

Also – have you entered to win tickets to see Pixies, Arcade Fire or The Jesus and Mary Chain in Denver yet? If not, click here.

Mogwai- Party In The Dark
Miniatures – Last Day
Ethica – Ever Even
Cornershop – England’s Dreaming
Yassassin – Cherry Pie
Ratboy – Revolution
Saint Etienne – Spring
Silent Pictures – Time Has Broken
DMA’s – Timeless
The Holiday Crowd – Cheer Up

Episode 9 | The Casual Sound Podcast

The episode in which we announce ticket giveaways for Pixies (10/18), Arcade Fire (10/25) and Jesus & Mary Chain (11/3) in Denver (click here to enter) and where we tell you how you can get 6 total entries.

We also answer this week’s #CasualQuestion: Which album does everyone love except you?  What’s your answer?

Suede – Young Men
Chapterhouse – Precious One
UNKLE – reign
Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me
The Depreciation Guild – Butterfly Kisses
The Beloved – The Sun Rising
Sulk – Drifting
Sleaford Mods-TCR
Car Seat Headrest – Drunk Drivers / Killer Whales
Jimi Goodwin – Panic Tree

Episode 8 | The Casual Sound Podcast

In this one, we talk about which Denver label is putting out music that sounds like 80’s Manchester and we introduce the hashtag #CasualQuestion and discuss our answers to the question:

You have to eliminate music music from the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s… which one gets the axe?

Minor Victories – Give Up The Ghost
Moon Duo – Creepin’
Sex Park – Dignity
Fugazi – Repeater
Levitation – Against Nature
The Magnetic Fields – Take Ecstacy With Me
Ultimate Painting – Three Piers
Wildhoney – Ceiling Fan
Splashh – Look Down To Turn Away
Suede – High Rising

Episode 7

After a brief hiatus to… ya know…. do life things, we return. We get a little retro, a little goth, a little psych, discuss labels that make us happy, bands it took us too long to adopt, the Smiths, and we revive old rants about Radiohead (Danger Radio fans can skip that part, since you’ve heard it all before.)

Palace Winter – H.W. Running
The Frank & Walters – Walter’s Trip
Lilys – Black Carpet Magic
Emerald Siam – KIST (Friday, Sept. 8 – Hi-Dive – Denver, CO)
Guided By Voices – Cut-Out Witch (Wednesday, Oct. 25 – Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO)
Shack – Sgt. Major
Echo & the Bunnymen– Villiers Terrace
Eagulls – Nerve Endings
Christian Death – Romeo’s Distress (Tuesday, Oct. 3 – Gothic Theater, Denver, CO)
Hooten Tennis Club – Lasers Linda

Episode 6 | The Casual Sound Podcast

The episode in which the mic situation got better, we learn about what happened to Marion, Tyler shares big news, and we discuss which bands we’d rather eat feces than listen to.

The Charlatans – Not Forgotten
Love & Rockets – Sad and Beautiful World
Marion – The Program
Shed Seven – Dirty Soul
Tears Run Rings – Something You Can’t Hide
The Telescopes – Flying
Contrast – Dull
Johnny Marr – Generate! Generate!
Ride – Charm Assault (Wed. Sept. 20 – Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO)
Fat White Family – Is it raining in your mouth

Episode 5 | The Casual Sound Podcast

The Bluetones – Slight Return
Firestations – French Caves
RIDE -Lannoy Point (Wed. Sept. 20 – Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO)
The Jam – Start!
The Monks – Shut Up!
Skaters – Flip Flip Flip
Jesus & Mary Chain – Amputation
Spirea X – Chlorine Dream
Amber Arcades – Come With Me
Drop Nineteens – Winona

Episode 4 | The Casual Sound Podcast

Pale Saints – Half-Life Remembered
Harlem – Friendly Ghost
GoGoGo Airheart – So Good
Happy Mondays – Donovan
Airiel – Airtight Angels
Twin Peaks – Walk To The One You Love
Blossoms – Blown Rose
Flyying Colours – Like You Said
World of Twist – The Storm
Teenage Fanclub – Everything Flows

Episode 3 | The Casual Sound Podcast

The Oh Sees – Lupine Dominus
Campag Velocet – Only answers delay our time
Spiritualized – Angel Sigh (Live)
Beverly – Bulldozer
Contrast – Drum Machine
McCarthy – Keep An Open Mind Or Else
The Spitfires – A Thousand Times
Miniatures – Honey
Whyte Horses – The Snowfalls
Billy Bragg – Waiting For The Great Leap Forward (Thurs. Oct. 12 – Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO)

Episode 2 | The Casual Sound Podcast

The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead
Crushed Beaks – History
Wand – Flying Golem (Wed. Sept. 27 – Lost Lake, Denver, CO)
Sleaford Mods – moptop
Curve – Clipped
Slowdive – Star Roving (Wed. Nov. 1 – Ogden Theater, Denver, CO)
David Bowie – It Ain’t Easy
White Stripes – The Air Near My Fingers
The Cure – Hot Hot Hot
Echobelly – Hey Hey Hey