Episode 15 | The Casual Sound

Episode 15, we make predictions from the past about a future that took place last Friday. Also, this is the Bob Seger episode, and no, we don’t play any Bob Seger – but, finally, we get a few good rants out of it. Only took us (maybe just Tyler) 15 episodes get really long winded about meaningless subjects. All of this accompanied by 10 of the finest songs ever committed to tape/hard drive.

Gene – Olympian
Felt – Primitive Painters
Jesus & Mary Chain – Rollercoaster
Flyying Colours – Wavy Gravy
The Bluetones – Bluetonic
Cheetahs – Coared
Flowered Up – Egg Rush
RIDE – Like A Daydream
Sleaford Mods – Just Like We Do
Northside – LSD

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