Episode 45: When Lenny Is Away The Smiths Will Be Played

The third leg on our weird table, Lenny, or Lenford as his mother calls him (she doesn’t), is out of town for the next couple of episodes. We’ve found that in his absence, Tyler and Jake go back to 10 minute long breaks. Did you miss them? Banger of an episode. You find out what Tyler was named “Most Likely…” for at school.


  1. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – The Way It Shatters
  2. Wildhoney – Hurts To Hear
  3. The Smiths – What She Said
  4. Chappaqua Wrestling – Wait To Form My Head
  5. Tallies – Not So Proud
  6. Cinnamon – The Promenade
  7. Got A Girl – There’s A Revolution
  8. Wire – Outdoor Miner
  9. Yard Act – The Overload
  10. Trash Can Sinatras – The Main Attraction
  11. T.G. Shand – Little Sieve
  12. Adorable – Sunshine Smile
  13. Splashh – Feels Like You
  14. Doves – Brazil

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