Episode 52: Casual Jake (BONUS Mid-week Episode!!)

Usually, only paid subscribers get the bonus episodes – but seeing as we don’t have any paid subscribers, we don’t usually produce bonus episodes. This one was done last week while Tyler we in New Orleans – visiting bars and picking up COVID from the local merchants. Jake references spinning records this Friday, which was last Friday which didn’t happen cos… Tyler got the ‘rona. We’ll reschedule I promise.

The whole point of this episode is that Jake Ryan wants to introduce you to your next favorite band. He’s got 14 shots at it…


  1. Airiel – In Your Room
  2. Soccer Mommy – Shotgun
  3. Headshrinkers – Monocle
  4. Public Body – Reset My Password
  5. Blondes – Coming of Age
  6. The Institutes – Alleyways
  7. Husbands – Must Be A Cop
  8. Blur – Beetlebum
  9. Spacey Jane – Sawteeth
  10. The Cure – Open
  11. Sahara – Chimes
  12. Bodega – Shiny New Model
  13. Bloc Party – In Situ
  14. Fritz – Arrow

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