Episode 57: Summer Lovin’

Look out world, Jake Ryan’s got something to play. JR takes you through a beautiful tapestry of baggy, pop, shoegaze, and more in this solo episode. Because that’s what we do here and, like clockwork, you can expect a new episode every quarter or so… or weekly… or once a year…..


  1. Coach Party – Born Leader
  2. Suburban Living – I Don’t Fit In
  3. No Joy – Wrack Attack
  4. Echobelly – Here Comes The Big Rush
  5. Bilk – Be Someone
  6. The Goa Express – Good Luck Charm
  7. Airiel – The Painkillers
  8. Alvvays – Belinda Says
  9. Tallies – When Your Life Is Not Over
  10. Pastel – Deeper Than Holy
  11. Fritz – Ghost Poke
  12. Curve – Frozen
  13. Sulk – Another Man Fades Dawn
  14. Miniatures – What You Want
  15. Doves – The Cedar Room
  16. Last Dinosaurs – Zero
  17. Crushed Beaks – History
  18. Chappaqua Wrestling – Can I Trick?

2 Replies to “Episode 57: Summer Lovin’”

  1. Funnily enough, I’ve seen Alvvays live 4 times and all 4 times they were the openers. The last time was actually at red rocks just before blue rev came out and the sound was awful. They sounded great the other times.

    1. Glen, I saw them at Mission, and in a Goodwill parking lot. Phenomenal both times! This makes me feel a little better about passing on the show, but why open? Blue Rev is so good, why are they opening? Not only that, but for someone I’d never even heard of? Glen, did you suffer through The National at that Mission show? I went to the lobby. Thanks for listening, and interacting! We all love and appreciate it! -Jake

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