Episode 60 – Three Men Enter, Three Men Leave

The day podcast session started with the ritual of scratch hashbrowns, now featuring bell peppers and onions, eggs Sunnyside up, and a slice of the holy ghost. “Football” on the “Telly” and whackin’ on some of the finest tunes you’ve ever heard – in. your. life. This episode’s lineup includes…


  1. The Lightning Seeds – Pure
  2. The Lightning Seeds – You Showed Me
  3. The Clockworks – The Future Is Not What It Was
  4. Bilk – Hummus and Pitta
  5. She’s In Parties – Ritual
  6. The Brain Jonestown Massacre – Fingertips
  7. Five or Six – Another Reason
  8. The Delgados – 13 Gliding Principles
  9. Death In Vegas – Scorpio Rising
  10. Pastel – Blu
  11. Affleck’s Palace – Big Fish, Small Pond
  12. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Nothing Like
  13. Close Lobsters – Pathetique
  14. High Vis – Walking Wires

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  1. Lenny will remember this, I can’t hear life of reily without thinking about goal of the month award. The bbc used that song for years as you watched cracking goals flying into the net.

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