Episode 27: I stole most of this from YouTube

The response to the last episode was so fantastic that I couldn’t wait to get another one out. Odd how much of this came from posts in my Facebook feed – but, listen, there are no rules on the road to discovery. No matter how uncool the path is, as long as the destination is cool, it was valid. Anyway, you should leave us a review on Apple podcast. -Tyler

Here are source videos from this episode.


  1. Pink Oyster Mushroom on a Modular Synth
  2. Tracy L Cattell (The Primitives), Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets), Justin Welch (Elastica), David Newton (The Mighty Lemon Drops), Richard March (Pop Will Eat Itself), James Atkin (EMF) – Ever Fallen In Love
  3. The Melody Unit – Nutation 1
  4. The Cure – A Night Like This
  5. Kitchens of Distinction – On Tooting Broadway Station
  6. The Clientele – Paper Planes
  7. Carter USM – This Is How It Feels
  8. Wildhoney – It Hurts To Hear
  9. Beverly – All The Things
  10. Pia Fraus – Octobergirl
  11. James – Really Hard
  12. Soup Dragons – So Sad (I Feel)
  13. The Wendys – Pulling My Fingers Off
  14. Splashh – Lost Your Cool
  15. Happy Mondays – Harmony
  16. Biblio – Dinghy

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