Episode 28: Santa Delivers A Jake Ryan Episode.

The physics behind St. Nick delivering presents to every boy and girl dictate that Santa would burst into flames. So, clearly, that calls Santa’s existence into serious doubt. I mean, it’s probably bullshit, right? But, then, he delivers the first Jake Ryan episode in like 9 months via the internet, and it’s a gift for the entire world, distributed on Christmas Eve. It’s plausible that this is a Christmas miracle. Suddenly, you’re like “Wait… he might just exist.” Right?


  1. Trimm Trabb – Blur
  2. Swim – Ambulance LTD
  3. Not So Proud – Tallies
  4. Missing You – Club 8
  5. Televised Mind – Fontaines DC
  6. Everyone Knows Better – Echobelly
  7. Space Age Lovesong – A Flock of Seagulls
  8. Broken Eyes – Doves
  9. Across The Universe – The Curtain Society
  10. Who’s He? – Trashcan Sinatras
  11. Merry X-Mas Everybody – Oasis

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