Episode 32 with Annemarie Duff of T.G. Shand & Miniatures

Our guest for Episode 32 is Annemarie Duff of New Zealand’s T. G. Shand and Melbourne, Australia’s Miniatures. As you’ll hear, we had a wonderful time discussing her projects and our shared love of shoegaze.

Annemarie was kind enough to go above and beyond the request for a handful of her favorite songs to supplement the episode and instead programmed (with the exception of her own song that opens the episode, which was our pick) this entire extended episode of some of her favorite tracks, broken up by the two countries her bands represent. Scroll below this episode’s playlist for even more from Annamarie.


Annemarie Duff’s extended Roogaze mix:

  1. T.G. Shand – Girls
  2. Bailter Space – Shine
  3. She’s So Rad – Cool it
  4. Juno Is – No Groover
  5. Fazerdaze – Lucky Girl
  6. Die Die Die – Daze
  7. Tamaryn – Mild Confusion
  8. So So Modern – Miyagi
  9. Water – Wallflower
  10. Contrast – Drum Machine
  11. Flyying Colours – This One
  12. VIM – Down
  13. Hideous Towns – Heart Attack
  14. Lowtide – Alibi
  15. Fait – Slow Glow
  16. Japanese Heart Software – Holiday (Nat from VIM again)
  17. Luna Ghost – The Sea / In the Shadows of Ghosts
  18. Bloodhounds on my trail – Words like weapons (may be biased as I did some backing vocals on this, but it’s my fav of theirs)
  19. Roku Music – Collider
  20. Rinse – Tamaryn (wherever I am)
  21. Hatchie – Sure
  22. VHS Dream – A E I O U (this is Matt Hosking who recorded the Miniatures Jessasmines album)
  23. Hachiku – Bridging Visa B
  24. Egoism – What are we doing?

Additionally, she humored our request for her desert island tracks with the below bonus content:

  • Chapterhouse – Pearl / Falling Down (falling down = best kick sound ever)
  • Curve – Lillies dying
  • Jeff Buckley / Elizabeth Fraser – All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun
  • Arthur Russell – This is how we walk on the moon
  • Danny Brown – Grown Up
  • Mick Jenkins – vibe
  • Action Bronson – Actin Crazy / Easy Rider
  • Tyler the creator – Oldie / OKRA
  • The Tame Impala Tiny Desk Concert

Here is a running playlist from Annemarie of all of her favorite shoegaze tracks:

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