Episode 38: The one where Joe Exotic is mentioned

It’s true – the Tiger King is mentioned, not for his recent re-sentencing of 21 years in prison for his attempted murder for hire of that bitch Carol Baskins (his words, not mine) but for his songs, that aren’t really his but remind me of The Mighty Lemon Drops (and not for their songwriting.) Can an episode really make sense of this? To be sure, it does. Dig in. Share it out.


  1. Revolution Above Disorder – Illuminate
  2. Adorable – Kangaroo Court
  3. Sulk – No Illusions
  4. The Mighty Lemon Drops – My Biggest Thrill
  5. Paris Angels – Perfume
  6. Parquet Courts – Total Football
  7. The Goa Express – Second Time
  8. Teenage Fanclub – Sparky’s Dream
  9. Julien’s Daughter – Wellington
  10. Communicant – Waiting To Be Born
  11. Oasis – Soldier On

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