Episode 37: More Shoegaze? Seriously?

In this episode we remind you to go download and listen to Episode 32 with Annemarie Duff. I’m going to remind you do it here in these show notes.

I also realize I don’t know how to describe the music played on this podcast. Are we a shoegaze podcast? Are we a brit-pop podcast? Are we a baggy podcast? Are we we an indie podcast? (Am I adding these terms to try and optimize for search engines?) Listen – I don’t know how to talk about this cornucopia of sounds that we deliver. If you have thoughts, let us know.


  1. The Streets – Don’t Mug Yourself
  2. Vox Jaguars – Swagger
  3. Terry vs. Tori – Magic Hour
  4. Majesty Crush – No. 1 Fan
  5. Boy Azooga – Loner Boogie
  6. TVAM – These Are Not Your Memories
  7. Stone – Leave It Out
  8. Sweet Trip – Chocolate Matter
  9. The Age of Chance – From Now On This Will Be Your God
  10. Contrast – Dull
  11. Fontaines DC – Jackie Down The Line

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