Episode 36: Old Stories For New Listeners

Out of the gate, sorry to bore the old listeners – we tend to repeat ourselves. Trying to do it less but when we discuss an album like Verve’s A Storm In Heaven, certain known opinions have to be shared. I promise, our self-awareness is growing and we’re trying to do it less, but, boy howdy, if you’re bored of hearing the same opinions over and over – thanks for listening over the years. Happy to be repetitious.


  1. Beach Baby – Limousine
  2. Tallies – No Dreams of Fayres
  3. Shader – Time Is Right
  4. Smaller – Is
  5. Verve – Slide Away
  6. Fontaines D.C. – Sunny
  7. The Beta Band – Quiet
  8. Purple Heart Parade – Desolation Angel
  9. Sonic Youth – White Cross
  10. Go-Betweens – Love Goes On
  11. Soulwax – NY Excuse
  12. Happy Mondays – Performance
  13. Doves – I Will Not Hide
  14. My Bloody Valentine – I Only Said

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