Episode 35: Still not to 2022 yet – but so close

We waited 5 months between recording episode 34 and episode 35 – but you only needed to wait a week. See how well we take care of you?

Oh hey – we also found out our email hasn’t been working so if you tried to send us something – please try again. You can always just fire it off to info@thecasualsound.com or, better yet, yell at us on social media so your friends can see.

On with the magic…


  1. Blushing – Blame
  2. Easy Life – Skeletons
  3. New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Stockholm
  4. T.V. Priest – This Island
  5. Wet Leg – Chaise Longue
  6. Porridge Radio – You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son
  7. Standard Fare – Fifteen
  8. Butter 08 – Butter of 69
  9. Gene – Be My Light, Be My Guide
  10. Throwing Muses – Not Too Soon

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