Episode 42 – (Not) The Baggiest Podcast Episode Ever!

We went into this episode attempting to do the baggiest episode every – but it’s just too hard. It really is. Try it for yourself – coming up with the 12 baggiest songs is nearly impossible. That said, if you do it, send us the list. Hell, come on and host the episode. Do it.

This episode starts with a curveball. Paradise City? Not quite. It’s San Diego’s Stones N Roses. Legit.


  1. Stones N Roses – Water N’ Fall
  2. Campag Velocet – Ain’t No Funky Tangerine
  3. The Charlatans – Everything Changed
  4. The Primitives – All The Way Down (Beat Version)
  5. Pop Will Eat Itself – Cicciolina
  6. Flowered Up – It’s On
  7. Shack – Dragonfly
  8. Northside – Moody Places
  9. Blur – I Know
  10. My Jealous God – Pray
  11. EMF – Children

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