Episode 43: Details Emerge

A little something new bringing us into episode 43. In fact, you’ll probably find some new loves that are recent releases and those that we’re blowing the dust off of. This is all before we dive into a discussion around the exhausting and constantly relevant question about separating the artist from their art. I’ve gotta say, we present a lot of old information about old songs that I think we news to all of us. We don’t research our shows often… maybe we should. It’s more interesting.


  1. Hater – Something
  2. Cockney Rejects – Police Car
  3. Shame – One Rizla
  4. Dubstar – Not So Manic Now
  5. Tallies – Wound Up Tight
  6. Fritz – Arrow
  7. Kula Shaker – Hey Dude
  8. The Morning After Girls – Always Mine
  9. Shack – Time Machine
  10. The Stone Roses – Trust A Fox
  11. Morrissey – Disappointed

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